Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Mustard Seed: Then and Now

The Mustard Seed blog of today evolved from a website that began several years ago as an Orthodox Christian education resource for small church schools. The original website was created and maintained by Catherine Sullivan, an Associate of the Antiochian Orthodox Department of Christian Education of North America. Through Catherine's vision and dedication, materials and curriculum suitable for small church schools and their unique needs were selected for The Mustard Seed and organized on the site, with regular additions and updates.  

We are saddened by the passing of Elaine Victoria Sullivan "Catherine" on April 7, 2017, in Charlotte, North Carolina, after courageously battling cancer for many years. Memory Eternal! Catherine worked in Christian Education in New York, and then as an Associate of the Department when she lived in North Carolina. Catherine not only initiated The Mustard Seed website for small church schools, she also taught at various events including The Orthodox Institute at Antiochian Village. She was a member of All Saints Church in Raleigh. We wish to recognize all of Catherine's efforts, including the creation of The Mustard Seed which laid the groundwork for serving the needs of the small church school. 

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